Blacklist Support Group Update: Unite declares war on Crossrail

Protest outside Building Magazine award dinner on 19th April


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Justice campaign and support network for anyone caught up in UK construction industry blacklisting scandal. Trade unionists, safety campaigners, lawyers, journalists, academics and environmental activists were all blacklisted by big business.

Multi-national building contractors have for decades compiled a secret database of union members in the UK construction industry. It was finally exposed in 2009 after a raid on the offices of the Consulting Association that operated the blacklist on behalf of the major companies.

Union members were denied work over many years because they had been stewards or safety reps on previous building projects. Raising concerns about asbestos, poor toilet facilities or unpaid wages would result in a union members name being added to this blacklist.

Evidence has come out in court cases and in parliament that shows that some of the blacklist information was supplied by the police or the security services.

Blacklist Support Group demand:

  • A full public inquiry by UK government
  • A public apology from the firms
  • Set up a compensation Fund
  • Employ blacklisted workers on their projects
  • NO public contracts for proven blacklisting companies
  • Criminal charges against the human rights abusers

We have fought them in the courts, in parliament plus civil disobedience and industrial action on building sites.

Blacklisted workers are still waiting for justice.


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