Identity of Asbestos Spy Revealed

Identity of asbestos spy revealed

The name of the individual caught spying on asbestos campaign groups has been revealed after the High Court lifted his anonymity protection

Robert (Rob) Moore had posed as a sympathetic filmmaker in an attempt to infiltrate and gather private information on campaigners in the UK and overseas. 

Moore worked for K2 Intelligence Ltd, a firm founded by Jules Kroll, “a leading figure in the corporate intelligence industry” according to the Guardian, and run by his son and co-founder Jeremy.

The identity of their clients has not been revealed, although the asbestos industry would have most to gain from such an operation. We need to know who has financed this operation (to the tune of £400,000+ according to documents disclosed in the High Court) and what their motives are. We also need to know what information has been passed to K2’s clients and why.

It seems Moore has spent the last 4 years gathering information on asbestos campaigners. It is possible that he has spied on other campaign groups on behalf of corporate interests before and during this period.

Asbestos campaigners and trade unionists have grown accustomed to big business spying and intimidation. The blacklisting of construction workers in this country has already revealed collusion between corporations and government agencies.

We will not be intimidated by these dirty tricks. The campaign to ban asbestos will continue alongside other campaigns that seek to protect the lives and health of working people around the world. It is time to shine a light on the underhand activities of corporate spies. 

Hopefully the High Court will now do the right thing and allow disclosure of K2’s clients. What have they got to hide

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