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  • My father was diagnosed with Mesothelioma January 2016.
    Sadly on the 3rd June 2016
    Mr Christopher Woodness passed away. Dad was born in Islington 24/12/1945 born Richard Porter adopted by Christopher & Jean Woodness he lived @ no 7 Holly Park Road & attended Holly park school primary & secondary school up-until his 14th birthday
    Dad worked all over N11
    @Standard bottle factory
    @STC standard telephone & cables
    @Barratt’s Sweet Factory
    @John Dales Ltd
    Dad remembered being regularly exposed to asbestos between 1959 & 1966

  • Jim,Because points from New York transfer to Ontario, we recommend that you fight this ticket. It doesn’t sound like you driver much in New York, so I recommend trying to work out a plea bargain that minimizes the impact in Ontario. There are potno-violaiitns in New York that do not result in demerit points in Ontario.Good luck.Matthew Weiss

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