Cranes Bill – a poem for 3rd July lobby of DWP, Tothill St, Westminster

By Graham Shepherd

 Cranes “Bill” – for flowers, not funerals !

There’s not a lot more magnificent

than tower cranes manouvering on high;

(as long as safety measures aren’t

as impracticable as pie in the sky….!)

Once assembled, all cranes should be LOLER examined –

(not just registered) to receive their “MOT” –

by independent, third-party, licenced engineers,

allowing HSE inspectors to better police crane safety.

All crane operators should be licenced.

The CPA’s Best Practice Guide should be turned

into an HSE-enforced Regulation –

discouraging everyone from getting their fingers burned.

Indeed, everything needs to be done to promote safety

by a dedicated team to monitor all construction plant.

Proactivity might prevent crying over spilt milk;

(or, more seriously, unnecessary harm), c/o an HSE grant.

Any cost is “peanuts”, if it leads to saving lives !

Cut-backs are misguided. Funding safety’s so worthwhile.

Tower cranes deserve a “pick-me-up”; (well, something of a lift !)

Regulations shouldn’t be removed. Cranes deserve the “extra mile” !

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