The London Hazards Centre AGM 2015

The 2015 LHC AGM (Annual General Meeting) was held this November at the offices of the law firm, Leigh Day near Farringdon.  The legalese and formalities which are a lawful requirement of a well run charity were dealt with accurately and swiftly.

The board led by Peter Farrell quickly moved on to the broad strokes of future plans.  There are important projects in the early stages of development.  One of these is the London Hazards Centre Asbestos Group; chaired by Phil Lewis  This group is finding it’s feet and is moving forward with some exciting plans to help people affected by asbestos related illness. There will be a lot more news in the future about the LHC asbestos group, on this blog.  At the moment it is gathering support and attention; it is really building into the support and information resource we are aiming for.

Our Activist Network still has a way to go yet, but it is moving forward. Realistically it will be early in the new year before there is news on its growth.  We know that there are, people and causes are out there, who need the kind of help the London Hazards Centre is positioning it’s self to provide.  Join us on Facebook… stay up to date on what’s happening.

We had some fantastic speakers at this years AGM, one of them was Gareth Beeton of the Fire Brigade Union.  Gareth spoke of a dismal chain of decisions that have been made, that are having a terrible effect.

Please like this video on YouTube and give the Fire Brigade some support, Lets spread their message!

Another speaker was Sarbjit Johal; Sarbjit spoke about Domestic Workers Rights  The picture she painted for us regarding the plight of Domestic Workers is very grim and quite frankly a disgrace.  This is a shameful situation that the authorities are trying to sweep under the carpet and pretend doesn’t happen.  They are totally failing to deal with the situation domestic migrant workers are in, in a just and fair way.  The deck is totally stacked against a group of people who are suffering the worst forms of abuse and degradation.

Sarbjit Johal speaking about domestic workers rights

The rights of domestic workers was a key feature at the LHC AGM.

I can not write about every single point Sarbjit or Gareth made and spoke about, to be quite honest the list of crimes this government is racking up through willfulness or ignorance? is staggering.  On the first of December the question of Domestic Workers abuse is going to be raised in Parliament, we shall be following what happens then.  It is estimated about 17000 people are affected.

Our final speaker was Steve Hedley of the RMT  (Rail Maritime and Transport Workers Union)

Steve spoke about the night tube.  The RMT is not against it, they realize it does have benefits for the economy.  Their arguments are purely related to the scope of the cuts and the effects on the remaining staff trying to make the service work.

Thanks Boris you united the rail unions

Support the RMT

Mr Hedley made a lot of sense, and I hope people will try and find out a bit more about the why’s and wherefores of what the RMT does and why… Check out their London Calling Website!

I could truly type and type so much information was shared at this meeting, but it would be a book not a post on a blog.  You could join us and find out just what is going on in London for yourself?

Book mark us, LIKE the Facebook page  We want to share, help us.  A lot is going on and we’d love you to be part of it….  One final word don’t mention to Steve Hedley how much train drivers earn!  Especially if you call yourself a journalist.

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