Where is the health and safety !!

 Photo from last years  Hazards conference 

 Statement from Philip Lewis chair London hazards trust 

The Government White Paper on leaving European community

I’ve had a look at this white paper and where it says they will protect workers rights that we had in the European community there is there is nothing on the issue of health and safety at work

All legislation from 1975 will be put it risk when we leave the European community the government Has given no commitment to retain any of the health and safety legislation that came out of the European community European sixpack regulations that we got in the 1992 as an example
All of this will go
there will be no longer any risk assessments on health and safety because that will be removed from The statute books.

The health and safety committee safety representative regulations 1977 will also disappear

In this white paper there is no clear indication whatsoever that the Government support any health and safety legislation whatsoever in United Kingdom that came from the European Union We need trade unions now more than ever to fight this

Here’s a link to the white paper



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