Mesothelioma Day Magazine 2016

Every year the London Hazards Centre commemorates Action Mesothelioma Day in the capital.

It’s a chance for us to remember those who have died from Asbestos-related diseases. We host a meeting that has the twin aim of raising awareness of this entirely preventable disease, while at the same time deciding what needs to be done next to reduce the numbers diagnosed with Mesothelioma each year.
The meeting always has a number of top-billing speakers from the medical profession and from trade unions in the forefront of fighting for change. This year we will hear from doctors who have been working on a cure for this terrible illness. Importantly, we will hear from the victims themselves – how they have been able to manage, and their families. It is not just the workers who end up paying the price, but their families as well. We have heard of the ‘hug of death’ when a worker comes home and hugs a partner, daughter or son, only for them to inhale fibres that means they too will probably catch this life-ending illness.


Mesothelioma Edition of Magazine July 2016

Mesothelioma Action Day Magazine 2016

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