Draft leaflet: RMT Reps on Stage 1 TUC Health & Safety Stage 1 Spring 2013

LUL Reps – RMT & ASLEF – Safety Charter Spring 2013

1. Bring all staff back in-house/ or bring key functions in house. Debating point – it allows for flexibility.

2. Improve standards & conditions: no cover ups/ Unions & Management must agree the standards to work to.

3. Bring all infrastructure back in house.

4. Ensure all health and safety Regulations are met.

5. Ensure training levels are met.

6. All costs of poor health and safety – accidents, illness, incidents (eg runaway train) – accountable and available.

7. Regular and full Inspections of assets and work practices.

8. Prioritise issues for improvements & Implement changes needed.

9. Open & honest communication: encourage people to report incidents & faults.

10. Review, adapt, improve.

Motion from the railway trade unions passed at TUC 2012

Composite motion C11 Action for Rail (extracts)

  • Congress reaffirms its rejection of the flawed McNulty  RailValue for Money report (summary) published in May 2011.

  • Congress also rejects the government’s response to McNulty in its Command Paper published in March 2012 that has nothing positive to offer passengers or the industry’s workforce.

  • These proposals include huge fare increases, more commercial freedom and longer contracts for private train operators, more fragmentation, the possible privatisation of infrastructure operator Network Rail and the loss of over 20,000 railway jobs.

  • Congress reiterates its support for re-nationalisation of the railways. Congress believes that there is a real alternative based on a publicly owned, reunified rail industry that is run in the public interest and not for private profit that has seen the industry haemorrhage billions of pounds since privatisation.

  • Congress particularly welcomes the ability to cut fares under the model proposed in Rebuilding Rail Final Report June 2012.

  • Congress calls on the General Council to: continue to support Action for Rail and promote the campaign among the wider trade union movement.

Mover: Transport Salaried Staff Association

Seconder: Amalgamated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen

Supporter: National Union for Rail Maritime and Transport Workers

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Transport for quality of life

They offer expertise in strategic analysis of transport policy coupled with practical knowledge of how to create and promote sustainable travel choices and were commissioned by ASLEF, RMT, TSSA, UNITE to produce:

Rebuilding Rail June 2012 

which examines ways to reduce the fragmentation and leakage of public money that characterise the UK’s privatised railways.  The report  outlines a recipe for radical reform in order to benefit both passengers and taxpayers.  It calculates that over one billion pounds of taxpayers’ money could be saved annually if railways were reunited under public ownership.  These funds could be used to deliver substantial fare reductions or invested in the railways to achieve wider environmental, economic and social gains.


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