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London Hazard 106

The Crossrail safety dispute including serious accidents on the Crossrail project; fires in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil; Save our Fire service – cuts cost lives; Safety Reps rights are human rights – Dave Smiths evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee; London deaths for 2012/13 from HSE website; RIFT – tax refund for building workers; London Hazards 2012 AGM with election of some new Trustees.  Factsheet: Health and Safety in the Cleaning Industry

London Hazard 105

For a future that works safely – the September TUC motion on health & safety – proposed changes Crane Register, Management Regs, self-employed, RIDDOR; diesel exhaust causes cancer; migrant workers in a London fast food restaurant; link between shift work and breast cancer; keep the crane MOT; Olympic legacy; Mesothelioma Action Day; Crossrail safety dispute; London Hazards community training. Factsheet_Womens Health & Safety

Issue 104 Spring/Summer 2012 

Government attacks asbestos compensation; asbestos trigger case victory; Asbestos Regulations changes; Battersea Crane  Inquest; Lewisham firm prosecuted for unsafe housing; Finchley hotel landmark fire case; evict  rogue landlords;   RIDDOR; construction sites fail HSE  checks.  Factsheet_Housing Health & Safety.

Issue 103, October 2011

Keeping people safe; Silkscreen printing; Obituary for Chris Tiff; Fire safety blitz; Romanian deaths; Asbestos in Hammersmith and Bromley; Battersea Crane Disaster 5th Anniversary. Factsheet_Welfare Regulations.

Issue 102, July 2011

London Hazards Centre Mesothelioma day event; London’s smog; rat infestation; Workers memorial day 2011; community training. Factsheet_Air Pollution.

Issue 101, March 2011

Health and safety for Londoners; Buncefield: the verdict; IARC workplace cancer; blacklisting and the fight for trade union rights on health and safety; Walworth’s Heygate estate asbestos. Factsheet_Accidents at Work.

Issue 100, October 2010

Canada’s ongoing Asbestos shame;  over 20 years fighting for workers safety; Barnet Tesco hit by fire safety fines; EMF directive coming soon; death trap Tube warning; London schools fail Asbestos test; Canadian Workers call for Asbestos ban; Shop workers campaign against Fear; London council renews our funding. Factsheet_Asbestos Diseases.

Issue 99, May 2010

Workers memorial day; latest developments on Asbestos; Kenton Underground Station tragedy: RMT demand the truth; HSE face 20% cuts; RMT warns of “deadly consequences” of rail and tube cuts. Factsheet: on Stress at work.

Issue 98, March 2010

Official recognition for Workers Memorial day; Some Recent London Prosecutions; Lakanal House Fire; Developing a bottom up approach on womens health and safety; UNITE’s campaign to reduce injuries to baggage handlers; Factsheet: on Fire Safety.

London Hazards leaflets

Nobody Goes to work to Die – Some health and safety basics

  • * you have a right to join a trade union.
  • * that trade union should organise to protect your health and safety.
  • * you should not be sacked or penalised in anyway for raising safety concerns.
  • * the trade union members you work beside will protect you more than the boss, if you work together on safety.
  • * it is better to have a trade union safety rep as your first port of call than to try to rely on a safety specialist: a manager or consultant or so-called “expert”.
  • * you will probably never see an official inspector .
  • * if you do see an official inspector, sadly, it will probably be because someone has been killed or there has been a very dangerous incident.
  • * for your protection, don’t do anything you think is dangerous that you are not trained to do – you have a right to information, instruction and training on all significant hazards.
  • * if you think something is dangerous and could result in serious injury or death to you or someone else DON’T DO IT until you, and preferably a trained health and safety representative, are satisfied safe procedures have been put in place, risks have been brought under control.

Download this text  here, you have our permission to use it, but please acknowledge London Hazards Centre:

Nobody Goes to work to die POLISH

Nobody Goes to work to die SPANISH

Nobody Goes to work to die gujarati

Nobody Goes to work to die_BENGALI

Nobody Goes to work to die YORUBA


Factsheet Ergonomics

Factsheet Infectious diseases at work

Factsheet Photocopiers & laser printers

Factsheet RSI

Stress at Work

Factsheet Vibration

Factsheet_Womens Health & Safety

Factsheet the Work at Height Regulations 2005



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