RMT drivers to take action over Tube train safety

RMT TUBE drivers are to refuse to follow what the union considers to be dangerous new instructions from London Underground after voting by a margin of four to one for industrial action over train safety.

From Friday RMT train operators and instructors will not co-operate with aspects of LUL’s misnamed ‘Operational Effectiveness Programme’ and will continue to use the proven safe procedures for reversing trains and carrying passengers over shunt signals.

RMT drivers will also refuse to follow the imposed instruction to over-ride ‘sensitive-edge’ equipment that prevents trains on the ‘sub-surface’ lines moving off if a passenger or object is caught in the doors.

They will also continue to follow the established procedures at platforms used prior to an imposed re-categorisation that would force drivers to ‘self dispatch’ their trains as a consequence of the massive reductions in station staff.

Further information: Brian Denny, 020 7529 8824


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