workplace stress: european study says workers expect it to increase

Eight in ten of the working population across Europe think that the number of people suffering from job-related stress over the next five years will increase (80%), with as many as 52% expecting this to ‘increase a lot’.

Do you think the number of people suffering from job-related stress in your country over the next 5 years will…..?

  Base: All worker (19,502)

52% Increase a lot, 28% Increase a little, 12% Stay around the same, 4% Decrease a little, 3% Decrease a lot, 1% Don’t know. 

Greeks are most worried (83% think stress will increase a lot), Norwegians least worried (16%).

The results are from a pan-European survey of workers carried out for the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

Another of their surveys found 79% of managers also think stress is an issue in their companies.

Full report here: EU – OSHA report on stress in the workpalce


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